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Te Tuhi Studios
& Papatūnga

Te Tuhi has a three-year lease on the Parnell Station building as a ‘meanwhile’ space for artists, until May 2022. The complex includes four shared spaces for artists’ studios, and Papatūnga, an experimental art space. This project was instigated by Auckland Art Fair co-director Stephanie Post and developed by Te Tuhi in partnership with Auckland Transport.

Through this initiative Te Tuhi aims to support contemporary artists with experimental and social practices by providing an environment in which they can develop their work and expand their networks.

Contemporary Art Foundation
Auckland Transport
Creative New Zealand
Waitematā Local Board
Stephanie Post
Parnell Business Association
Parnell Community Committee
Parnell Heritage

2020 Graduate studio residency supporters
Connells Bay Sculpture Trust
Jenny and Andrew Smith

Te Tuhi Studios at Cheshire St and Papatūnga are located within Parnell Station, on the platform at 23 Cheshire St, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. This includes studio space for up to nine artists across four spaces, and a test space/gallery which is managed by Te Tuhi and used for exhibitions, public programmes and educational events. 

Te Tuhi recognises a need for studio spaces in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. In cities around the world, there is a history of artists making studio spaces in buildings that would otherwise be unoccupied. With this in mind, Te Tuhi worked with Stephanie Post (Co-Director of Auckland Art Fair, working in a personal capacity) and Auckland Transport (AT) to fit out the interior of Parnell Station Building as a studio complex and gallery. While Parnell Station building is not required operationally by AT, and commercial use of the interior is not currently feasible, there is an opportunity for its use as a ‘meanwhile’ space for artists.

The interior of the building has been licensed to Te Tuhi for a three-year period from May 2019. The interior has been designed as fit-for-purpose artist studios and gallery space, while also protecting the heritage of the building for future restoration. Fit-out costs have been kept as low as possible in order to keep the studio spaces affordable.

Te Tuhi Studios at Cheshire St

Our aim is that the studios will contribute to a vibrant community in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, through principles of collaboration, experimentation and inclusiveness, and engaging with the wider arts sector and the general public through exhibitions, open studios and events.


Papatūnga is a new experimental art space, curated by James Tapsell-Kururangi. Tapsell-Kururangi is undertaking a paid 18-month curatorial internship from January 2020 to June 2021. The internship was conceived by Te Tuhi as an opportunity for an emerging curator to engage in supported and sustained research and curatorial experimentation in the field of contemporary art.

Venue hire

Papatūnga is available for private event hire. All revenue generated will go to supporting the activity in Te Tuhi Studios and Papatūnga. To enquire, contact us here.