Te Tuhi provides studios to visual artists who engage with its values and ways of working. This project provides an environment in which artists can develop their practices and expand their networks. Our aim is that the studios will contribute to a vibrant arts and cultural community in Auckland, combining principles of collaboration, experimentation and inclusiveness, and engaging with the wider arts sector and the general public through public programmes including open studios, exhibitions and events.

As a supportive, not-for-profit organisation, Te Tuhi strives to keep studio rents as low as possible. This will require occasional fundraising efforts.

Studio spaces

Studios range in price from $75/week for 11m2 to $115/week for 17m2. Accessible spaces are available.


  • Each space has a sink with cold water, and there is a shared kitchenette with hot water.
  •  Rent includes the provision of water and electricity.
  •  Power is standard wall socket, 240V 10A.
  • Artists have access to toilets (these are also accessible to train drivers).
  • No internet access is provided.

Platform Gallery

  • 38m2
  • This test space/gallery is run by Te Tuhi as a space for curated exhibitions and public programmes.
  • Te Tuhi may make open calls for proposals, or invite individuals or organisations to make proposals for events or exhibitions in the space.
  • Studio artists are encouraged to participate in the public programmes and to submit proposals to Te Tuhi for events and exhibitions in the test space/gallery.

Artist criteria

To secure a Te Tuhi Artist Studio, artists need to demonstrate how they will contribute to the intentions of the studio project as a whole.

Te Tuhi is looking for a mix of artists, at different stages of their careers, and with a range of visual arts practices.

Studios are prioritised for visual artists who are:

  • Committed to critically engaged contemporary visual art practice.
  • Seeking to build, or have already built, a career as a professional artist.
  • Exhibiting or engaging in opportunities (exhibitions, projects, residencies) locally, nationally and/or internationally.
  • Committed to regular ongoing use of their studio.
  • Committed to constructively participating in Te Tuhi’s art and education programmes.

Artists who are offered studio space will be asked to provide a brief biography and images of their work for the Te Tuhi website.

In order to raise the visibility of the studios, and support Te Tuhi’s fundraising for the project, they are open to visitors up to four days each year. Artists are expected to participate in the open studios and engage with visitors on these days.

Artists are also expected to participate in Te Tuhi’s art and/or education programmes, and may be invited to contribute to the public programmes in the test space/gallery. Contributions could take the form of presentations, talks or workshops, exhibitions, events or performances, and could be for a specific or general audience.

Artists are offered shared studios at Te Tuhi’s discretion, and Te Tuhi will make every effort to match studios to artists’ practices appropriately. 

All studio artists have a fixed-term licence with Te Tuhi. This includes clauses to ensure the protection of the heritage building, and the safety of fellow studio residents and members of the public. Artists can use their studios at any time. Platform Gallery has trading hours of 9am to 7pm, seven days a week, unless consent is granted by Auckland Transport for extended hours. Read the Studio policy here.

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