Catherine Guevara 

Catherine is a visual artist with an interest in education, ceramics and exploring materiality to create something new. She was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and has been working in early childhood education in New Zealand for over two years. In addition to her experience as an art tutor and artist-curator, Catherine holds a Diploma in Business & Management. 

Olive Breach 

Olive is a local artist who loves the special qualities clay provides as an artistic medium in her art practice. For the past two years Olive has enjoyed teaching children in the after-school art programme (clay making, printmaking, drawing and painting) at a local intermediate school. 

Emily Xu 

Emily is a practising illustrator and comics artist interested in historical narratives. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from China and Bachelor of Creative Arts from Manukau Institute of Technology. Emily has taught drawing and painting both in New Zealand and China for over thirteen years. She has a passion for helping students build visual fundamental skills and find their own unique visual skill-set. 

Sarah Walker-Holt 

Sarah is a full-time visual artist with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from The University of Auckland. She exhibits nationally and internationally and is represented by Fingers Gallery, Auckland. Sarah is well-known not only for her complex three-dimensional compositions as a contemporary jewellery practitioner but as an experienced art tutor and mentor who is passionate about helping students find their own visual voice. 

Chloe Lam 

Chloe Lam is an artist recently moved to Auckland. Alongside her Bachelor of Visual Communication in Graphic Design, she is also holds a Master of Art and Education from Birmingham City University. She enjoys using multidisciplinary and innovative art activities to elicit students’ talents and to express feeling, emotion and ideas. 

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