Chris Bailey (Ngāti Hako, Ngāti Paoa, Ngati Porou, Te Aupouri) is a sculptor/carver who for many years has created sculptural works that stand within space, to be walked around, to be considered from a distance. He has a number of public artworks around Auckland City in public parks and in the CBD, all of which act as “cultural thumbprints on the landscape to remind us all of the rich history this whenua holds and to remind my mokopuna of their māori ancestory so they can stand proud”  

After working as one of many carvers on Piritahi Marae adorning the interior of Kia Piritahi and observing the space that was created for people to inhabit, he is now interested in exploring creating immersive experiences that people can fully whakarongo too.  

“Our tupuna when using the term whakarongo meant using all of your senses to understand and experience situations, not just through sound and the act of listening, but visually, and through touch, and smell as well. With the support of the Papatūnga program I am interested in developing this fuller whakarongo / immersive experience within my art practice. To do this I will be exploring creating audio and visual landscapes using digital media to accompany my sculptural installations to create an opportunity to whakarongo to my art.”