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22 April 2023

The chronicle of cognition – Karen E. Waldie PhD

Comparison between a neurotypical and a neurodivergent brain performing a decision task. Image courtesy of Karen Waldie.
Karen Waldie. Image courtesy of Karen Waldie.


Join neuropsychologist Karen E. Waldie for a discussion of her research into the cognitive and biological factors of neurodivergent conditions and how this research has played a role in the acceptance of neurodiversity in Aotearoa. As a contribution to The chronicle of <cognition> project, Waldie’s expertise reveals how understanding neurodivergent ways of being are a vital first step in our collective responsibility for making society more accessible and inclusive.

About Karen Waldie PhD
(Professor, Developmental Neuropsychology)

Dr. Karen Waldie is a Professor in the School of Psychology and with the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland. Her research involves neuroimaging techniques, longitudinal data analysis and neuropsychological testing for depression, dyslexia, ADHD and autism. 

About The chronicle of <cognition>
This event is part of the series of live events that are contributing to The chronicle of <cognition>, a collaborative project tracing histories of human and non-human cognition through live events, online contributions and a large-scale wall work.

With an emphasis on neurodiversity in Aotearoa, The chronicle of <cognition> project addresses how the topic of cognition inherently intersects with global discussions concerning white supremacy, disability, gender, sexuality, animal rights, biodiversity and artificial intelligence. Each contributor to the live event series has been asked to present a narrative thread that situates this discussion in relation to key events in a range of disciplines, such as science, technology, policy, activism, art, film or literature.

For more about The chronicle of <cognition> click here. The chronicle of <cognition> is part of the group exhibition Who can think, what can think

Watch Karen Waldie's talk below.

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