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06 October 2001 —
25 November 2001

Interior Horizons:
art on the verge of architecture and design

Work by some of New Zealand's most progressive artists who work on the cusp of fine art and design is exhibited at te tuhi - the mark from Saturday 6 October. Interior Horizons: art on the verge of architecture and design seeks to explore the contribution of the fine art or 'poetic impulse' to the field of craft and design. This is achieved by presenting in the exhibition a selection of contemporary New Zealand fine artists, both established and emerging, who are currently collaborating within or producing work in the design field.

The exhibition acknowledges renewed theoretical and artistic interest by contemporary artists in the wide field of design and the artistic opportunities available within an interrelationship between the arts.

The exhibition is curated by guest curator Elizabeth Leydon, and sponsored by the Interior Design Guild of New Zealand. Every year since 1984 the Interior Design Guild has sponsored an exhibition which explores the intersections between fine art and design.  The exhibitions have focused on artistic interpretations of domestic product such as wallpaper, ceramics and screens. This year sees a departure from the design object to that of engagement with the contemporary design space.