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01 November 1996 —
01 December 1996


Badge, 1996 (installation view).
Badge, 1996 (installation view).
Badge, 1996 (installation view).
Badge, 1996 (installation view).
Niki Hastings McFall, Breastplate; Badge For Mixed Ethnicity, 1996 (installation view).
Lisa Reihana, Dimple, 1996 (installation view).
Badge, 1996 (installation view).
Fran Allison, Fridge Magnet, 1996 (installation view).
Badge, 1996 (installation view).
Badge, 1996 (installation view).
Carole Shepheard, Last Will and Testament, 1996 (installation view).
Stephanie Lambert, Badge I, 1996 (installation view).
Badge, 1996 (installation view).
Judy Darragh, Patch I, 1996 (installation view).


The Fisher Gallery’s invitation to curate this exhibition gave me the opportunity to explore a number of concepts about jewellery that I have been interested in for some time. My background has caused me to question issues of identity and how individuals construct and define their identity. I am interested in jewellery as a signifier of identity and for this exhibition have focused on the badge as such an indicator.

In general terms the badge is an item associated with jewellery, usually constructed of metal, generally round, combines text and has images that function as symbols. A military medal, brownie or scout badge are examples, as they tend to be primarily metal, and function as signifiers of the wearer’s affiliation to a particular institution.

There are seven artists involved in Badge, each has been asked to make two new works using the given definition as a starting point. The participants were chosen specifically to approach the concept of the badge in a broad context, to look beyond the traditional and treat it as a visual art concern. In order to gain this wide perspective I have included artists from a variety of disciplines, primarily: jewellery, printmaking, sculpture and moving image.


→ Badge, 1996, publication

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