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29 May 2004 —
13 June 2004

Barry Ball

Barry Ball, Untitled, 2004. Acrylic on canvas.
Barry Ball, Routine Obligations. Acrylic on canvas. 1400mm x 1060mm.


Artist’s statement -

The paintings are personal and intuitive. They are preplanned in only the broadest sense, evolving as paint is applied and removed, then reapplied building up texture in the process. These paintings are not to be viewed passively but to be experienced. It is an emotional connection that we must make with abstract artwork. As Kandinsky named his goal ‘to create a language that surpassed all boundaries. That travels across all borders and languages.’

My latest works are more image orientated giving an often disjointed narrative of dream like episodes. The genre remains expressionistic, but more content orientated, the overall effect still remaining abstract in nature and intent but with surreal undertones.

Social comment may be present though never overt or judgmental. Making sense with logic is not always paramount, but there is often an obtuse connection between images. It is often not what we see but the lens through which we see that gives relevance.


→ Barry Ball, 2004, exhibition card

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