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09 June 2019 —
11 August 2019

Connah Podmore:
This body also holds mine

Connah Podmore 1
Connah Podmore 2
Connah Podmore 3


For Te Tuhi’s project wall, Connah Podmore’s This body also holds mine presents a large to-scale charcoal drawing with an accompanying text.

Reflecting on Podmore’s early experiences of being a stay-at-home parent, the charcoal drawing depicts her then one-year-old son’s bedroom wall in the early hours of the morning where the walls in her home became symbols of the limitations and uplifting discovery inherent to her new occupation.

This body also holds mine was developed over a period of months through a time-consuming process of drawing, rubbing, and erasure. By investing skill and attention, Podmore aims to portray her seemingly ordinary subject with significance and dignity that it might not have otherwise received.


Podmore Drawing/Text - EyeContact