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23 January 1999 —
21 February 1999


Fissure, 1999 (installation view).
Fissure, 1999 (installation view).
Fissure, 1999 (installation view).
Fissure, 1999 (installation view).
Fissure, 1999 (installation view).
Chloe Davison, Zapatcado_Footwork, 1999 (installation view).
Carmen Harris, Untitled, 1999.
Delwyn Archer, Enlighten^3, 1999 (installation view).
Eun-Jung Jinn, korean language + culture, 1999 (installation view).
Gemma Bowles, Institutionalisation of Self, 1999 (installation view).
Georgina Blincoe, Untitled bookwork, 1999 (installation view).
Jason Iiga, Untitled, 1999 (installation view).
Jean Partridge, Open Door Policy, Flawed Plans, 1999 (installation view).
Julian Lee, Self Portrait, 1999 (installation view).
Kirsten Clarke, Sequence_Orientation_Notation, 1999 (installation view).
Kirstin Ledington, Untitled I & II, 1999 (installation view).
KJ Yiakmis, Textbooks, 1999 (installation view).
KJ Yiakmis, Textbooks, 1999 (detail).
Mark Dustin, E Pluribus Unum, from many one, Nothing comes from nothing, 1999 (detail).
Mark Dustin, E Pluribus Unum, from many one, Nothing comes from nothing, 1999 (installation view).
Maureen Paltridge, Facing the unfaceable, 1999 (installation view).
Nora West, Bedtime Reading, 1999 (installation view).
Richard Hoare, Doomsday Plate Series, 1999 (installation view).
Sally Janssen, There is no girl in these pictures, 1999 (installation view).
Shin-Young Park, Untitled, 1999 (installation view).
Withaya Bunnimitre, 1999 (installation view).
Yavir Ramawtar, Untitled, 1999 (installation view).


Breaking with tradition is the key theme behind an exhibition showcasing printworks by art students, on at the Fisher Gallery

About 30 third and fourth year student print artists of the Manukau Institute of Technology, Elam Fine Art School and the Auckland Institute of Technology have contributed to the exhibition, which opens on 23 January.

The brainchild of MIT Art Lecturer Steve Lovett, Fissure explores innovative print coming out of Auckland's main art schools.

‘Content, rather than form is the driving force behind the works’ he says. ‘The students show a common concern for new directions in print, moving away from the focus on the actual process of print making.’

A wide range of print styles is on show, from etching to works created using computer technology. According to Steve, the students view the mode of creation as merely a tool, to help express the all important idea.

Renowned artist Carole Shepheard will host a forum on the last day, discussing New Print. Billy McQueen will also lead a one day practical workshop to open up the mysteries of computer technology in print, using contemporary attitudes and practice.


→ Fissure, 1998, exhibition card

Te Tuhi is open as usual during the Eastern Busway construction. 21 William Roberts Road, Pakuranga, is the best address to enter into navigation apps to guide you to the free parking at our door. Please call us on (09) 577 0138 if you have any questions.