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21 July 2000 —
27 August 2000

Digital String Games II

Three interactive installations by Maureen Lander and John Fairclough.

Big glowing strings, black light, fantastic changing shapes and sounds – Hyperthreads transforms the Fisher Gallery into an interactive, fantastic environment. The exhibition which opens on the 21st of July, is made up of three interactive installations in the spaces of the Fisher Gallery.

The first of the exhibitions Digital String Games II, by Maureen Lander and John Fairclough, combines traditional Māori string games with the digital realm. An interactive panel allows participants to manipulate digital ‘strings’ projected onto a giant screen to create a new and unique ‘game’.

Fingers + Figures by Maureen Lander allows participants to explore string figures, one of the earliest forms of moving image to accompany storytelling and songs. Under black light, participants can try making their own string figures, guided by Maureen’s glowing, fluorescent examples.

John Fairclough’s The Semantic Differential is a computer-based interactive exhibit that is a ‘drawing system’ which allows the viewer to create images according to the rules of language. The Semantic Differential uses a language of John’s invention called the ‘Codex Interlingua’ as it converts words or phrases typed at a keyboard into a corresponding image.