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20 March 1998 —
19 April 1998

John Nicol:
A Lacuna

John Nicol, A Lacuna, 1998 (detail).
John Nicol, A Lacuna, 1998 (detail).
John Nicol, A Lacuna, 1998 (detail).
John Nicol, A Lacuna, 1998 (detail).


‘For some time I have been interested in making works that are partly permanent (i.e. object) and partly temporal. These paintings/constructions make use of conceptually or physically appropriate materials and techniques. This means that sometimes the work needs to be in the form of an installation. In my last exhibition at Judith Anderson Gallery (1995), I showed two works, amongst others, that were made of painted high-relief forms hung on a wall in conjunction with hand drawn images in pencil. The images and text used explore ideas on gender, universals and illusions, presence and absence and the space where meanings begin to ‘proliferate’. This installation is intended to be one part of a three part series called ‘Postcards to my Children and other Cosmic Cliches’.
- Artist’s statement

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