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18 January 2003 —
16 February 2003

Jonathan Organ:
B1-B2 Katabatic Shift

Artist’s statement -

There are two main questions which interest me today in ‘Art’.
One: What is the relationship of my work to the tradition of Abstraction?
Two: What is its significance in contemporary Art?
In this series of paintings titled B1-B2 Katabatic Shift, there is minimal variance of format. The inelastic and repetitious structure is subverted through recursive amalgamation of adjacent colours between coupled sequential paintings.

The works aim to transform our experience of architectonic space through the most minimal of operations. The crux of the work is to transgress the frame literally or conceptually piercing a container (the picture-field or a white cube) questioning its axial hierarchies. It is here that the three principles of painting - line, light and colour meet the voids, planes and masses of architectural space as well as what lies beyond. The spectator’s gaze gains transient views of how the structured forms overlap their boundaries like architectonic plates or plateaus to summon and convene elements in other paintings.


→ Jonathan Organ: B1-B2 Katabatic Shift, 2003, exhibition card

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