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04 May 1986 —
04 June 1986

Karanga Karanga

Karanga Karanga coincides with Maori women artist exhibitions in Gisborne and Wellington. Together they 'will be seen as the first definitive statement on the art of Maori women'. (Toi Maihi, exhibition organiser)

Each venue will show through audio-visual presentation works showing at the other venues, as well as all exhibits in their different stages of making. Some Karanga Karanga visual artists have pooled their talents with poets and writers to produce works which are combinations of traditional art forms while others work individually in a more contemporary sense.

This exhibition includes a broad range of artworks - ranging from carving, painting, poetry to dress designing, furniture designing, kites, weaving, singing etc, including 30 artists in all. The Gallery space will be used to its fullest potential; walls, ceiling and floor will all support works. Karanga Karanga celebrates the individual and collective making of art by Maori women, 'who desire to see their art forms re-established as complementary to that of the men. Maoridom needs to use every strength it possesses in today's society; it is illogical to ignore the tremendous influential potential of women. A number of the women involved are uncomfortable at the thought of exhibiting without men, the hope is that in the future we will be able to exhibit with our men.

Karanga Karanga, 1986 – City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi