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25 July 2009 —
27 September 2009

Postcard to
Casablanca & Rodriguez

Christchurch based artists Aaron and Hannah Beehre are known for their interactive video installations which liberally borrow from the aesthetics of both interactive media and graphic design. In a recent work titled JS0203 'Hedge' the artists created a cartoon like leafy bush which recalled early screen savers. When activated by sound the bush sheds its leaves, charming the assembled audience with a simple experiment in viewer interaction. JS0203 'Hedge' investigated the seductiveness of new media, subtly probing the character of interactive technologies and raising questions about their relationship to natural environments.
Hannah and Aaron Beehre present a new project specifically developed for Te Tuhi. Like JS0203 'Hedge', Postcard to Casablanca & Rodriguez incorporates motion sensors which gage the amount of viewers that enter a hot spot within the gallery. In accordance with the amount of viewers occupying this hot spot pre-programmed software feeds video imagery into the space to provide a personalized viewing experience for varied audiences that enter the exhibition.