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22 February 1991 —
24 March 1991

Review '90

Greer Twiss, Anonymous Maker, (detail). Lead. 1330mm x 1410mm x 1070mm.
Greer Twiss, Anonymous Maker, (detail). Lead. 1330mm x 1410mm x 1070mm.
Carole Shepheard, Night Scent, 1990. Acrylic on board. 350mm x 720mm.
Denys Watkins, Sculpture, 1990. Watercolour on paper. 1070mm x 900mm.
Dick Frizzell, Pukekos By A Pond, 1990. Oil on canvas. 710mm x 890mm.
Fiona Pardington, The Journey of the Sensualist I. Mixed media. 645mm x 570mm.
Gavin Chilcott & Ralph Paine, Kava, 1990. Pencil and acrylic on paper. 570mm x 760mm.
Glenda Randerson, Louise Henderson in her studio. Oil on stretched canvas. 1440mm x  1040mm.
Gretchen Albrecht, Study For Veronicas Veil. Acrylic on stretched canvas. 1470mm x 1780mm.
Ian Scott, Mountains of the Gods. Acrylic on stretched canvas. 1470mm x 1730mm.
Jacqueline Fraser, The Wedding, 1990. Mixed media. 1260mm x 1170mm.
Jane Zusters, My House of Art, 1990. Acrylic on stretched canvas. 910mm x 1220mm.
Milan Mrkusich, Fire, Water, Metal, Earth, studies for Chinese element series. Gouache on card. 490mm x 350mm each.
Nigel Brown, Damaged Landscape 5, Ah Yes Progress. Acrylic on board. 1220mm x 710mm.
Pat Hanly, Night Bride, 1990. Oil on board. 900mm x 850mm.
Paul Hartigan, Confessions at the Vatican. Enamel on board. 910mm x 590mm.
Richard Killeen, Stack - Months and Days, (installation view). Acrylic and collage on aluminium, site specific installation.
Richard McWhannell, Three Fathers, 1990. Oil on canvas, gold leaf frame. 660mm x 900mm.
Robert Ellis, Kuparu, Te Rawhiti. Acrylic on stretched canvas. 1565mm x 2220mm.


A survey of some recent works exhibited by Auckland artists in 1990. Works courtesy of Aberhart North, Sue Crockford, Gow Langsford, Gregory Flint, Fox Street and Rodney Kirk Smith Galleries.


→ Gallery flourishing, New Zealand Herald, 28-02-1991


→ Review '90, 1991, exhibition card