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13 January 1995 —
12 February 1995

Review '94

Derrick Cherrie, Untitled, 1994 (installation view). Mixed media.
Keggie Carew, (left), Patrick Pound, (right).
Kazu Nakagawa, MA 4, 1994 (installation view). Wood.
Barbara Tuck, interlocutory, 1994 (installation view). Oil on aluminium.
Bill Hammond, The Quik and the Ded, 1993 (detail). Acrylic on linen.
Bill Hammond, The Quik and the Ded, 1993 (installation view). Acrylic on linen.
Gretchen Albrecht, Moonlight, 1994 (installation view). Oil, acrylic on canvas.
Jacqueline Fraser, From
Jeff Thomson.
John Reynolds.
Judy Millar, Story, 1994 (installation view). Acrylic on wood.
Luise Fong.
Peter Robinson, (Titled as per text), 1994 (installation view). Oil, bitumen on wool, crushed velvet.
Simon McIntyre, Parallel Lines, 1994 (installation view). Oil on canvas.


Where is the Auckland Art Scene at?

Recent criticism (like the Sunday Star’s description of Art Now) has portrayed modem art as elitist twaddle for the initiated few in the know. Conversely, international trends represented by international magazines and art critics depict an art world extending into a multiplicity of directions that cross traditional boundaries.

Review ’94 presents the achievements of leading Auckland Artists from the last two years. This exhibition summarizes the Auckland Art scene as presented through our leading galleries. Here is a chance to evaluate the art of the 90’s, to ‘expose yourself to the state of the art’.

Made up of artist’s works selected by dealer galleries, the exhibition includes recent work by: Richard McWhannell, Laurence Aberhart, Margaret Dawson, Kazu Nakagawa, Dick Frizzell, Allen Maddox, Judy Millar, Keggie Carew, Tony Lane, Simon McIntyre, Michael Stevenson, Simon Morris, Mark Braunias, WD Hammond, Gretchen Albrecht, Jacqueline Fraser, Fiona Pardington, Ruth Watson, Patrick Pound, Julian Dashper, John Reynolds, Gordon Walters, Denys Watkins, Gerda Leenards, Gavin Chilcott, Michael Shepherd, Luise Fong, Seraphine Pick, Stanley Palmer.

The exhibition is a description of art in our time. It presents recent developments in Auckland art, new styles and approaches as well as leading favourites, bringing recent work from our leading artists together to create an introduction to the art of our time as the market defines it.

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