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25 September 2022 —
13 November 2022

Roman Mitch: Red Teddy

Roman Mitch, Rūaumoko, 2018 (detail). Image courtesy of the artist and Mokopōpaki, Auckland. Photo: Arekahānara.


“Red Teddy has just got thrown on the roof of the cabin. The incident is both hysterically funny and very upsetting. To stop the cry-laugh-cry-cry-laugh-cry-laugh-laugh cycle, I have enlisted the assistance of a bamboo pole to fish Red Teddy off the roof.

I see the patterns on the customised computer cases as a form of communication, i.e. spray painting them using the various vents as masking tāhua. This creates a surface appearance that sometimes approximates either a ‘carbon fibre’ or ‘camo’ or ‘snakeskin’ effect. The artwork is definitely not a case mod if you don’t modify the case. For me, this intervention is about mauri.”

– Roman Mitch, email to Mokopōpaki, 2018

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About the artist

Roman Mitch is a cerebral playmaker, pocket painter and friendly interdisciplinarian. His research interests focus on the relationships between conceptual art and the computational from a Māori perspective. Roman has a DocFA from the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland. Mokopōpaki exhibition history: Chess (with Ursula Christel) (2020); Variously Equal Terms; HĀTEPE (2019); Girls! Hit Your Hallelujah (2018). In November 2022, Roman will present a solo exhibition of new work at Aotearoa Art Fair with Mokopōpaki.