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08 March 2014 —
08 March 2014

Sione Faletau: Toko'ua

Sione Faletau, Toko‘ua, 2014 (video still). Performance at Te Tuhi, Auckland. Saturday 8 March 2014.


‘My older brother, Manase is the eastern stone and I, the western stone and my little brother Daniel represents the lintel.’
− Sione Faletau

In Sione Faletau’s performance Toko’ua the strength of brotherhood and nationhood are literally put to the test. Toko’ua, meaning brothers, is an intense multimedia endurance performance that involves Faletau and his two brothers physically replicating the form of Haʻamonga ʻa Maui − a thirteenth-century stone monument that symbolises the interconnected bond between the three sons of Tu’i Tonga Tu’itatui, the eleventh king of Tonga.