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06 March 2004 —
14 April 2004


VACANCY presents work from six artists: Ron Left & Monique Redmond in the Iris Fisher gallery and Stella Brennan, Paul Cullen, Haru Sameshima & John Reynolds in the Studio gallery. VACANCY references carparks, street corners, backyards, busy streets, footpaths, sides of buildings, parks, office blocks, dirty windows – and explores ideas of passivity and activity, of banality and uncertainty with particular reference to sites of (supposed) passive viewing – places and processes of the ordinary and unexpected. The everyday becomes a central player in the viewing of and participation in the work. If you have ever experienced standing on a street corner, not knowing you are being watched, whilst you passively stare at the patterns on a block wall as the rest of the world passes you by, then you will have insight into how this work addresses those forgotten moments, places and spaces that alert us to experiences of the banal, the expected, and the dynamic.