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29 April 2005 —
08 June 2005

Véronique Desmet:

Video artist Veronique Désmet describes her work as ‘creating moments of coexistence between the artwork and the audience’.

So although her work is a product of her creative process, it is also a catalyst for visitors to have their own experience. Désmet says this coexistence doesn’t require any specific action by the audience. Their presence is the creative agent.

She plays with notions of time, ephemerality, repetition, change, movement, wholeness, presence, creation, colour, light and she explores how they develop in different environments. She considers her video installations as events, combining the projected video image, the architectural space, and the people passing through it.

Her video works are like drops, spaces of light that we choose to see or not to see, a pause, they appear, repeat and unroll for the duration of a moment in a chosen space. They open our space of perception to our environment and bring us back to ourselves.


→ Véronique Desmet: Light, 2005, exhibition card

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