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03 August 1986 —
03 September 1986

Winstone Ties That Bind

Malcolm Harrison, Home(ward) Bound. Mixed media.
Donn Salt, Seed Pods (front). Mixed media.
Donn Salt, Seed Pods (front). Mixed media.
Royce McGlashen, Ties of Meditation. Mixed media.
Roger Mulvay, Self Exposure. Mixed media.
Gregory Chaston, Diminishing Man. Mixed media.
Hillary Owens, Sea Shanty. Polyester resin.
Warwick Freeman, Nape Disc & Bead. Mixed media.
Brian Gartside, Square Edge Plate. Mixed media.
Carin Wilson, And Wisdom Transcends Them All. Mixed media.
Bhodi Vincent, Between Polarities. Mixed media.
Beverley Rea, Anchor Stone. Pottery.
Jan Van de Klundert, Apiti Hono, Tatai Hono. Flax.
Carol Anne Bauer, DNA - The Thread of Life. Ink on perspex.
Carol Davis, Rebound - Sanday Bay Artifacts. Mixed media.
Nora West, Family Ties. Fabric.
Peter Viesnik, Latticino Hanging Vases (left). Mixed media. Penny Evans, The Wires That Twine (right). Mixed media.
David Grove, Hills Glass Sculpture No 1. Mixed media.
Vivian Manthel, Aotearoa, Bound by sea. Mixed media.
Helen Pollock, Lovers. Stoneware.
Helen Schamroth, Family Ties - Changing Ties. Fibre.
Jeanette Hine, Memories Of The Past. Acrylic.
Ted Kindleysides, Bronze Ties That Bind With A Catch. Mixed media.
Kate Wells, Search For Paradise. Tapestry weaving.
Margaret Cox, Bridges. Mixed media.
Marie Abbott, Tree. Weaving.
Norman Barber, A Toy That Shows A Curious Motion. Mixed media.
Phillip O
Leslie Falls, Untitled. Mixed media.
Shane Wallace, Tension & Suspension. Mixed media.
Suzy Pennington, Threads That Bind - Book Series. Mixed media.


Artists, designers and craftspeople all over New Zealand were challenged to prepare works for Winstone Ties That Bind, a major selected theme exhibition sponsored by Winstone Ltd., which was held at the Wellington City Art Gallery in May 1985.

This successful collaboration between Winstone Ltd., Wellington City Art Gallery and the Crafts Council of New Zealand resulted in a national tour; the Fisher Gallery being the Auckland venue.

Artwork in any media was accepted as long as two or more units were bound, bolted, bracketed, tied, braided, nailed, hinged, coupled, locked, knotted or stuck together.

The work varied enormously, incorporating both craft and sculptural elements, political and functional aspects, and visual and literal components.

The winner of this competition, Helen Pollock, will be exhibiting work in the Studio Gallery. 


The Ties That Bind, New Zealand Herald, 20-08-1986

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