Fever Dream, 2021 (transcript)

Breaking through the bias 
of settler sciences 
requires going deep 
into the settler psyche, 
to the center of settler mythologies: 
the American dream. 
Embedded in settler mythologies 
lies the desire to escape 
the American dream, 
into settler service.

Come closer to the screen... 
I have something to show you. 
“You're not insane. 
You're dreaming. 
You're looking at the 
(unintelligible word) 
“dark and beautiful summer evening. 
And I said, 
if it’s any way you can do, 
if you can have them to give me their — 
if you can have them to give me their — 
their God’s will be with me. 
I’ve never lied to you… 
I never have lied to you. 
I know that. 
But I still believe it. 
And I’m gonna take your life. 
If you️ will have a chance.

The proximity to evil can be measured 
by the bitter tasting memory of it all: 
the bitter tasting memory 
of all the bitter things, 
human and nonhuman, 
that go down in history 
as the most evil: 
slavery, genocide, banking on lies, 
and Facebook. 

They can do no more forgiveness 
than that which we have for our sins. 
Forgive me, for my trespass. 
Forgive me, for the trespass I have done. 
Forgive me, for the trespass I have done.

The proximity to evil can be measured 
by the interval of time it takes 
for the entity to gain consciousness of reality, 
the fraction of a second it takes 
for the entity to realize that it is dreaming* 
and realize, 
in its superconsciousness, 
that it must be 
mostly mind over matter again. 
It then proceeds to require, 
and maintain, 
the maintenance of other entities 
(even super-consciousnesses) 
in order to perform the same functions. 
This is what we have in common, 
in that we humanists 
regularly quote O. Henry 
from Time and Time again 
for the same thing:
the habit of thought 
is to put off the really important 
(and most pressing) 
questions of the time, 
the crucial ones are: 
What do we mean by "discovery" 
(as opposed to "progress" or "progress" per se)? 
Or, what do we mean by 
"Let us go" actually mean? 
Or, what did we actually do 
in this discovery 
(as opposed to what we were accused of doing 
in that previous case) 
and what does it mean for
 our pattern of behavior now? 
For us, the Next Level 
(let alone the Kingdom of Heaven) 
is the gateway to all of science... 
the end of time.

The proximity to evil can be measured 
by the cancers that follow even the most 
mundane of human activities: 
If we follow the money, 
we'll lose sight of the fact that the enormous sums 
spent on medical care for cancer patients alone 
amount to a staggering sum of money's price tag.

Indeed, it's possible to recover portions of 
the brain and liver from patients with cerebral palsy 
for less than the $10,000 ($11,000 in today's dollars) 
price tag 
and it could be possible to implant whole metal detectors 
in the brain of even the most weakened of all human beings.

There is, however, a catch. 
If the chips in the brain are not brain damage, 
the chips in the brain are brain.

So unless you have some sort of 
legal defense mechanism,
you have to have some kind of 
legal process in order to get the money. 
And the people who make that process 
was the evil man, 
because they were the people who created 
the brain tumor after all.

The proximity to evil can be measured 
by the language of “evil” 
or by the language of “leisure” 
These days, evil is often measured 
by the pursuit of knowledge and doing. 
What used to be called “natural philosophy
—that discipline of study 
that moved social theorists, 
developed science, and educated the young—is 
now generally seen 
as a science of dark arts, 
filled with the tendency 
to follow the trail of history. 
Philosophy of science studies has undergone 
a radical cultural cleansing, 
an effort to move from the ancestry of science 
to that of science, 
a step back from the ghost of science itself. 
The great scientific discoveries of the last 50 years 
have been those where science came first, 
from the stars, 
the ancient Egyptians, 
the solid rock experiment, 
the discovery of new energy sources, 
the discovery of new planets, 
new aliens, 
new spirits. 
Now we are on the cusp of the discovery of a new life force
—a new religion. 
And the older the religion, 
the more evil it was, 
because the religious literature of the last decade 
has been replaced by the science of the ghost.

Come closer to the screen I have something to show you. 
“You're not going to see this unless we destroy this planet. 
“If we don’t destroy this planet, 
we don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves. 
I’m not … 
I don’t know what I’m talking... 
about to do with my life. 
I’m not taking death on our own. 
I’m not taking death on our own.

Come closer to the screen I have something to show you. 
When you see light, go up, 
speak in code, 
speak in code. 
If the aliens don't want to hear our questions, 
they're quiet.

MAN: Aliens?

W: Aliens.

The proximity to evil can be measured 
by the price of human flesh. 
If we can't live in the hereafter, 
we should.

If you have any respect at all, 
you should be paying attention 
to where you are being led. 
Where you are being led 
is not what you should be doing, 
or should be doing. 
It is what should be done. 
If you are going to the Father's Kingdom, 
you should be leading His people with you.

‘They Can’t Live With This ’ Future’

MAN: At some point they will have to live with this past. 
This is the only future that’s existed before the Fall. 
And I’m convinced 
that’s what’s gonna happen to us 
when these robots go down. 
When they’re not in, 
when they’re not out, 
when they’re not going down, 
when they’re not going down, 
they’ll do more of the same. 
And that’s what I’m convinced. 
That’s what’s gonna happen. 
If they don’t take our children back, 
that’s what they’re gonna do. 
They’ll do more of our doing. 
We can’t separate ourselves from their evil.

The proximity to evil can be measured 
by the price we are willing to pay 
for the continuance of American greed.
Breaking through the bias 
of settler settler is difficult, 
even impossible, 
if you accept the truths contained in books and speeches.
But the truths are there, 
they're gripping at the bark of the tree, 
they're gripping at the soul of this tree. 
They're not a part of this world. 
They're not living on the brink of another world.
We mustn’t let go of our values; 
we must accept that we’re not the kind of people 
who want to leave this place. 
We must accept that we don’t live here and move on.
We must accept that we are people 
and that we don’t live here 
and want to live here.
We’ve lived here 
and still live here 
and still we give our lives 
to give our lives 
to give our lives. 
-Unable to say what’s happened here, 
it’s too late. 
We’ve been too young to decide 
what happened here’s Illegally Gifted 
-is the right time to end this suffering. 
We must draw a day without any of this suffering.