Project Wall

  • Wall dimensions 2590mm (h) x 5035mm (w)
  • The wall is made of 20mm chipboard
  • Power can be supplied to the wall if required
  • Please note that this space is very bright and at some points during the year receives direct sunlight

Reeves Road & Parnell Station Billboards

  • Three billboards per site, each measuring 2400mm (h) x 3000mm (w)
  • Projects should encompass all three billboards at each site
  • Files should be supplied at 25% of actual size, at 300dpi, and in PDF format
  • Please consider that these billboards have multiple viewing distances
  • At Reeves Road, most people will be viewing the billboards from their cars or from Te Tuhi across the road
  • At Parnell Station, most people will be viewing the billboards en route to the station platform

Digital Billboard

  • Screen dimensions 3000mm (H) x 2000mm (W)
  • Image file size 508px (H) x 338px (W)
  • Submissions can be a single image or a series of images that rotate with eight second intervals
  • Files must be in jpeg format
  • Please consider that this billboard has multiple viewing distances with an average viewing distance of 15m, and that most people will view the billboard from their car or while walking across Reeves Road
  • Please note that the digital billboard does not support moving image or sound

Speaker Space

  • A dedicated four-channel space located under the canopy of Te Tuhi’s front entrance


  • 4 x Onesystems 103IM
  • Power handling  – 50 watts continuous / 100 watts program / 200 watts peak
  • Speaker dimensions 211.2mm (h) x 156.2mm (w) x 130.5mm (d)


  • Mac Mini 2012
  • Ableton Live
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
  • 4 x AV Link Sa2 amps (2 x 50 watts output each)

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