Paerangi: Waipawa

Facilitated by Papatūnga, the Paerangi: Waipawa is a development opportunity for artists of varying career stages to show work outside of a gallery context. Over the course of a week, the group of artists will travel to Central Hawkes Bay to wānanga, share space and create, culminating in an exhibition in the township of Waipawa over a long weekend.

This project aims to explore opportunities for making connections and developing relationships with each other and local communities. Paerangi references the horizon or the pae of Ranginui the sky father, the meeting place of the land and the sky - a space without time or boundaries that implies unlimited possibilities. As the title suggests this bringing together of artists and communities is about moments of discovery, innovation and potential in unconventional spaces.

The exhibition will open Friday 18 October and run until Sunday 20 October.

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