Recovery Time is Labour Time, 2020–23

Series of three billboard prints and a digital poster
2400 x 3000mm each
Commissioned by Te Tuhi, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

“The total time consumed by labour, the time it takes to do the job plus the time it takes to recover, is far greater for us than our able-bodied, neurotypical, sane, nonspoonie fellow workers.”—Simon Yuill

For the Te Tuhi Billboard Project, installed at both Reeves Road and Parnell Station, artist Simon Yuill presents the latest adaptation of his work Recovery Time is Labour Time and an accompanying digital poster. Yuill’s looping phrase is divided up in response to the rapid movement of passersby, especially those commuting to and from work or traversing the city for business. The statement and its formatting aims to address the structural ableism embedded in many employment contexts. Timeframes, workloads and expectations of quality and efficiency often do not take into account factors of disability, mental health, illness and neurodiversity. Consequently, this can create strain and pressure resulting in burn-out, lack of job satisfaction and various negative health and financial impacts. Yuill’s provocation therefore highlights the need for pay equity and access support as well as work cultures that embrace diversity.