Learning Outcomes 

During your pre-visit exercises we will be familiar with te taiao and whakapapa, by recognizing our family tree/links. During your visit we will use what they know to discuss māori creation stories through the bush, and the importance of our own sequoia tree in local Howick history.  

 Belonging – Mana whenua 

[Childrens relationship to papatūānuku is based on whakapapa. Understanding this will help them know they have a deeper purpose to the environment, people, places, and things] 

During your [visit] students will connect links to family and the wider world, which will help them understand the responsibilities or kaitiakitanga of taking care of the environment and their world.  

Exploration – Mana aotūroa 

[means exploration of our environment and curiosity about the world through interactive play, activity or engagement.] 

During your [visit] students’ imagination and exploring of different lifeforms in our Ngāhere will help build meaningful learning and engagement.  

  • Learning new strategies of active exploration, thinking and reasoning.  
  • Making sense of their surroundings and world by generating and understanding findings.  


Key Competencies 


Success criteria: I know I will be successful if I… 

  • Share my opinions and ideas on forest life and the stories and history we are discussing. 
  • Share my questions and confusions I have during our Ngāhere tour. 
  • Add to other people’s ideas in group discussion.

 Relating to others 

Success criteria: I know I will be successful if I… 

  • Listen actively when people are sharing their opinions.
  • Take my turn to share my ideas and opinions.
  • Consider being safe and mindful so that others can have the same experience I have in te Ngāhere. This means, walking slowly – no running, staying away from the edges, no pushing or yelling over other people. 

 Participating and contributing 

Success criteria: I know I will be successful if I… 

  • Use my time productively by engaging in sharing my ideas!
  • Listen actively to the ideas of others.
  • Take a risk and share my questions or confusions to help my understanding.