Te Tuhi took part in SAHA Studio Open: World Weather Network, a group exhibition hosted by Turkey’s Network partner SAHA alongside six other participating art organisations.

The exhibition included new works by artists Elmas Deniz, Can Küçük and Burcu Yağcıoğlu, who have been working at SAHA Studio as part of the World Weather Network since 2022, as well as works by artists collaborating with the international partners of the network, and a new photography series by Yusuf Sevinçli commissioned by SAHA in collaboration with the London Review of Books. The programme also included artist texts written for the SAHA Art Writing Series and m-est.org under the editorship of Merve Ünsal and Özge Ersoy, as well as the articles by the London Review of Books addressing climate change in different cities across the world, presenting a repertoire of personal and collective perspectives with regard to ecology and the climate crisis.

SAHA Studio Open: World Weather Network featured Te Tuhi's third weather report Haupapa: The Chilled Breath of Rakamaomao, by Heather Purdie, Janine Randerson, Rachel Shearer, Ron Bull and Stefan Marks.