→ A Year of Conscious Practice
[twelve discussions on a variety of methods and motivations for working in or alongside the field of curating]

→ Art News New Zealand
[a quarterly print magazine promoting contemporary visual arts in Aotearoa New Zealand, including interviews, profiles, reviews and more. Selected articles published online, as well as a digital archive of issues back to 2006]

→ Contemporary HUM
[an online publication which​​ generates critical​​ discussion​​ and​ ​​greater visibility​​ of Aotearoa ​​New ​​Zealand ​​visual arts​​ and​​ creative​​ disciplines​​ presented overseas]

→ femisphere
[a long-term project interested in encouraging inclusivity and visibility of women*s practices in the visual arts sector of Aotearoa. *Inclusive of all variations of gender that identify with the term / label of ‘woman’, whether it is in the past, present or future]

→ HAMSTER Issue 5
[an expanded publication incorporating residencies, writers, workshops, collaborations, performances, and the texts that emerge from these collisions of bodies to flesh out the politics and potentials of relationships in writing]

→ Mana Wahine Reader
[a collection of writings on Mana Wahine from 1987 – 2019]
Mana Wahine Volume I
Mana Wahine Volume II

→ Risky Business: A conversation around artist-runs and professionalisation
[Enjoy alongside GLORIA Books shares the second instalment of As needed, as possible: emerging discussion on art, labour and collaboration in Aotearoa. This text features Chloe Geoghegan and Emma Bugden in conversation on the risks and possibilities of operating an artist-run space.]


→ CIRCUIT Catalogue
[a catalogue of over 500 video/media works by 90 New Zealand artists]

→ Vdrome
[an online cinema that offers regular, high quality screenings of films and videos directed by visual artists and filmmakers whose production lies in-between contemporary art and cinema]


→ 95bfm Artbank
[arty stuff happening in Tāmaki Makaurau and beyond. With interviews, live performances, your weekly gallery guide and more]

→ CIRCUIT Podcast
[artist interviews, panel discussions and more]

→ Verb Wellington
[Verb is all about making space for stories to inspire curious people: with writers, with books, with gatherings, with collaboration and with the sharing of ideas]

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