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15 November 2014 —
15 February 2015

Caryline Boreham

Caryline Boreham, Archives New Zealand, Manukau, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - Auckland Airport, 2014 (installation view). Inkjet billboard prints. Photo by Sam Hartnett.
Caryline Boreham_Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - Auckland Airport
2 Caryline Boreham_Manukau 2013
Caryline Boreham, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - Auckland Airport, 2013. Inkjet billboard print. Commissioned by Te Tuhi, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland


In her earlier body of work State Space, Boreham investigated interior spaces in New Zealand institutions such as military bases, police stations and nuclear science facilities. Although these functional institutional spaces are depicted devoid of people, traces of their presence are revealed through the arrangement of barrier ropes, chairs, and acts of graffiti.

For the Te Tuhi billboards, Boreham expands upon State Space by introducing digital colour blocks into these utilitarian sites to conceal graffiti and marks that suggest human interaction. This act of concealing or censoring mirrors the authoritarian functionality inherent in these spaces.


Spatial interiors - EyeContact

Te Tuhi is temporarily closed under Alert Level 3.