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07 March 2015 —
12 July 2015

Creative Suite



Creative Suite brings together artworks that explore various communication technologies as both medium and subject. The selected works engage with a range of media including iPhones, scanners, photocopiers, pirated content, PowerPoint and other software programmes. Through these diverse approaches the artists highlight concerns around digital appropriation and image reproduction, and reflexively explore the creative potentials of technology.

Nicholas Mangan traces a number of genealogical links between a Mayan palace, a demolished incinerator, and the Canon NP6030 photocopier. Agatha Gothe-Snape explores the artistic potential of the ubiquitous software programme PowerPoint. Joshua Petherick has filmed the operation of a flatbed scanner through an iPhone camera, capturing fragments of minuscule detritus from a dirty apartment. Greatest Hits draws on the controversy surrounding the Kim Dotcom raids to further explore questions around copyright, ownership and piracy in the internet age.

Creative Suite was originally exhibited at the City Gallery, Wellington in 2014. Andrea Bell is an independent writer and curator based in Melbourne.



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