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30 April 2005 —
08 June 2005

Deborah Crowe:

[Construct] is a large-scale installation by Deborah Crowe, which explore the relationship between architectural and woven constructions.

Visitors become actively engaged as they move through the three-dimensional artwork, a maze-like structure which incorporates large timber frames, reflective surfaces and light projection. Sarah Treadwell, Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland School of Architecture says of the installation:

‘... spatially complex the frame is like a worked up axonometric drawing that flips space inside out, reversing habitual spatial understandings.

The installation presents the possibilities of space lightly contained, intermittently structured. A system of negotiations is initiated between air and solidity in a representation of permeability; interior space weaves from one side of the frame to the other.’

[Construct] investigates a blurring between the planning and construction processes commonly associated with an architectural structure and the planning and organisation of formal elements in a woven textile form, all the while immersing the visitor in a labyrinth of real and virtual spaces.


→ Deborah Crowe: [Construct], 2005, exhibition card