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13 February 2010 —
11 April 2010

Jeremy Leatinu'u

Artist Jeremy Leatinu'u works between video and performance art. His work explores the concept of ownership and the human occupation of property. Recently Leatinu'u has turned his attention to everyday encounters within the cityscape. Recording opportunistic windscreen washers at traffic lights and street side buskers throughout Auckland, he focuses on figures that, through working either on the borders of or outside legally sanctioned employment, intervene in public codes of social behavior. For Leatinu'u such figures highlight unconscious community protocols. He states: 'in the public realm we are an audience to each other. We are fully aware of our own presence, movements and actions in relation to each other. We manufacture conscious decisions by adjusting our behaviour when needed or required, thus helping define our physical situation at a given time.'

Leatinu'u is the third recipient of the Iris Fisher Scholarship, which rewards outstanding visual art students enrolled in an Auckland tertiary institution. Te Tuhi will announce the next recipient of the award at the opening preview.

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