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24 September 1988 —
23 October 1988

Peter Siddell:
Survey 1970-1988

Peter Siddell is a regional painter. His images relate to and are drawn from his urban surroundings. Some of them appear to be of a place that we can make passing references to in Auckland. An exhibition which surveys the work of Peter Siddell opens at the Fisher Gallery, Pakuranga from 24 September - 23 October 1988.

This major retrospective show brings together over thirty works from public galleries, the artist’s and private collections. Included are a number of earlier paintings that have never been previously exhibited and several recently completed paintings.

Works selected focus around architectural studies and landscape views relating to the Auckland area.

The apparent distinct clarity in Siddell’s meticulously detailed paintings evoke a viewers response to try and establish a specific place. However after careful study an observer will find that the villas and shops, mountains and volcanic cones, clouds and skies are of no particular location. They are aspects that are selected and assembled to resemble an understood place. But this is only one part of the complexity in the work of Siddell.


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Peter Siddell Survey 1970-1988, 1988, exhibition card
Peter Siddell Survey 1970-1988, 1988, exhibition card