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08 July 1984 —
05 August 1984

Recent Auckland Ceramics

Sarah McKenney, (installation view).
Bronwynne Cornish, (installation view).
Rick Rudd, (installation view).
Sarah McKenney & Warren Tippett, (installation view).
Denis O
Dianna Poor, (installation view).
John Parker, (installation view).
Peter Hawkesbury, (installation view).
Warren Tippett, (installation view).


An exhibition entitled Recent Auckland Ceramics will run at the Fisher Gallery from 9th of July to 3rd of August. The gallery, which has only just been opened, was established in order to bring stimulating and professional exhibitions to the South Auckland area. This ceramics exhibition is intended to show work that is prepared to explore fully the possibilities of the medium. 


Recent Auckland Ceramics, 1984, exhibition card

The gallery is closed for install from 29 January 2023.

Our next exhibition Who can think, what can think curated by Bruce E. Phillips will open 18 February 2023.