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From Art History to Art Today 2023


Elsewhere and nowhere else, 2022 (installation view). Curated by Vera Mey. Works by Li-Ming Hu. Photo by Sam Hartnett.


From Art History to Art Today 2023

From Art History to Art Today 2023


Weekly on Thursdays, 1.30pm–3.30pm

with Claire Chamberlain

beginning 9 February 2023


Introducing you to the world of art and its history.

Tracing the origins of modern art through the works of 19th-century ‘movers and shakers’, this course examines how local and global histories shaped pivotal movements in 20th-century art. Students will gain an understanding of the contexts that drove the art of yesteryear, and form correlations to developments in contemporary art in the post-digital age.

Course content may respond to current exhibitions, events and the interests of students. Comprising an evolving series of tutor-led discussions and gallery visits, Art History to Art Today provides a relaxed learning environment with no formal assessments.

*Please note, the listed course fee includes an online transaction surcharge. To avoid the surcharge, payment can be made via bank transfer, in which case the fee is $1400.00. See here for details.

About the tutor

Claire Chamberlain (MA Art History with Honours, PGDipEd) has taught for Te Tuhi’s Art Today programme since 2018 and has over 20 years’ experience as a secondary teacher of art history. She was co-head of Patrons of NZ at Venice in 2022 and has been a patron herself since 2017. A keen supporter of Aotearoa arts and artists, Claire is passionate about communicating her love of art and art history in an accessible and enjoyable way.

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