Your Weather is Our Weather

The world's weather is not what it was. We see glaciers melting and water levels rising. Some lands are flooded and others are parched. Everywhere is heating up.

From 21 June 2022 to June 2024, artists, writers and communities will share observations, stories, reflections and images about their local weather, creating an archipelago of voices and viewpoints. Engaging climate scientists and environmentalists, the World Weather Network brings together diverse world views and different ways of understanding the weather across multiple localities and languages.

Weather Stations

Each partner arts agency has chosen a location of significance from where artists and writers can explore the local weather; we call these "weather stations". They may be specific places, buildings, environments or wider geographic regions. From each weather station, artists and writers create new works in a range of different art forms: these are the "weather reports''.

Weather Reports

Weather Reports take many different forms: poetry, fiction, reportage, video diaries, films, photography, podcasts and more. Each report will be shared as a digital artwork via the World Weather Network online platform:


The Network is hosting a series of online talks, presentations and performances throughout the year, inviting leading thinkers from the fields of science, technology, ecology, philosophy and policy to talk about weather and climate with artists and writers.

Environmental Responsibility Statement

The World Weather Network is a global coalition of 28 arts agencies around the world formed in response to the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. The Network recognises the climate emergency as the most urgent issue of our time.

As independent organisations we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our work; as a collective we are committed to learning from each other and from the wider international arts community, as well as other sectors engaged in environmental practice.

All agencies in the World Weather Network will:

– Promote art that enables audiences to gain a better understanding of the climate crisis, including multiple geographic and cultural perspectives;
– Monitor the carbon footprint of their operations and impact on biodiversity;
– Reduce the atmospheric emissions generated by their travel, transportation, energy consumption, catering, purchases and waste management, and by offsetting remaining emissions;
– Choose services that are as environment-friendly as possible and develop environment-friendly operating models with their partners.

We acknowledge that we are all at different stages on our journeys towards environmental sustainability; we will not always get things right, but inspired by best practice, we will listen, learn and improve.